Course Assessment Policy

Course Assessment Policy

UQL will ensure that learners are assessed for suitability prior to commencing their chosen programme.  The assessment process will be applied equitably and consistently to all learners who will be assessed according to their ability and experience.

Assessment will test the areas and skills which are relevant to the aims and outcomes of the programme. It will be designed to measure students at the appropriate level, and criteria for such levels will be clearly defined in the information provided for students, staff and examiners.  Efficient mechanisms will be in place for feedback to students, relating to both formative and summative assessment

All records of assessment will be kept securely by the course tutor/assessor and be made available only to others with an interest in the progress of the learner.  Achievement will be notified to the internal verifier in writing.  This will normally be on a spreadsheet which will be updated regularly to review progress. Verification or double marking of a sample of work will be recorded before any claims for certification can be made by the internal verifier.

The number of learners to each assessor per course will initially be and all assessors should undertake (*an assessor qualification as well as/all relevant) training. There will be monthly meetings with the verifier to ensure an exchange of ideas as well as standardisation.  This may be formal or informal.

The number of assessors allocated to each verifier and the verifier will ensure that standards are maintained and that assessors are updated.  This will be part of the CPD training for both assessors and verifier.  The verifier is required to undertake an IV qualification.  In cases where double marking takes place, both assessors are encouraged to gain a verifier qualification.

Sampling will be carried out internally to ensure there is standardisation of assessment and that professional standards are being met. There will be initially sampling of all new assessors, then this will be reduced, sampling of experienced assessors.  In cases where there may be concerns all candidate work will be sampled. The verifier will sample a range of assessors, candidates and units and will keep records of these.  There will be feedback to the assessor on the sampling undertaken.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.