Qualification Delivery

Everything you need to ensure that working with us is easy. These pages provide you with help, guidance and documents to cover all aspects of delivering and administering our qualifications, including how to contact us and who to speak to for all your queries. Our online  contains in-depth information, policies and guidelines. UQL qualifications delivery and assessments are developed in consultation with specialists from various sectors, employers and other user groups. All qualifications and assessments are up-to-date as they are reviewed and revised from time to time so that they include current trends and reflect the changing needs of the world.

UQL programmes are available worldwide through a network of ‘UQL Approved Centres’

Recognize centre’s must have quality management systems in place which support the delivery of our Qualifications and Endorsed Courses. These systems should be designed to meet the specific requirements of your centre. Guidance and support is provided to ensure your quality assurance system successfully enables you to manage the risk within your centre.

  • Training method shall be so designed to ensure effective transfer of knowledge and skills to the participants, in order to meet the objective of the course.
  • Training courses shall be designed to have a high degree of interaction between Learners and Trainers. Training methods shall seek to involve and engage Learners throughout the duration of the course with a focus on active learning environment.
  • Trainers shall have the desired level of technical & pedagogical competence with respect to conducting session online, blended or face to face learning.
  • Trainers are fully aware of policies, participants’ needs, instructional approaches and techniques and have an opportunity to regularly upgrade the same.
  • Performance review procedures of trainers incorporate regular monitoring of their feedback to participants.
  • Participants have access to the necessary technological tools and support at their end.