Student Registration

By completing this Application form we can quickly and easily determine if you are providing the UQL essentials to your learner and point you in the right direction if you’re not.

Registering Learners

Registration is a process where a learner intends to complete units towards the achievement of qualification.
We look forward to welcoming you as a registered student of our qualification.
You can register yourself before starting UQL course with an approved centre or during your study with an approved centre.
If you delay your registration, you may pay an extra fee to register yourself with EBMA or we may not accept your registration.

By submitting Registration Form and supporting documents to UQL. Follow simple steps:-
Pay for Registration of the relevant qualification that you wish to study
Fill Up Registration Form provided online or from UQL centres.
Complete all sections and submit it

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Centres personnel can register learners with UQL by using following steps. Before registering learners, make sure you have –
Qualification name including Level
Learners Personal Information
Learners Previous qualification
Learners Previous experience: including the nature of work, years of work experience,
Learners Photo and signature

Who are registered candidates?
You are a registered candidate only if:-
UQL allocates you a unique registration number
And your registration information is verifiable online.